Saturday, May 10, 2008

Snow Season Housing Hunting

After Bailing Early last night and missing out on what seems to be the after party of the year. Lars, TC and I ventured early up to Sawmill Settlement at the base of Mount Buller to check out winter rental cabins for the upcoming snow season.
Thanks to Everyone who reminded us what we missed out on last night :):). I think this cabin will be worth it and if we do get it (touch wood) this will be an amazing snow season.

On the way we dropped into the normally sleepish town of Mansfield (30 mins from Mt Buller).
Mansfield was having a market/festival in the centre of town and let me tell you all, the town was bustling, we even knew a couple of people.

TC and her friend the Lamb

Lars And SC in the police heli, we had to kick that kid out so we could get a shot.

SC/TC killing it on the mobile squash court

Jumping For Joy Hoping That We Get Our New Place For The Snow Season

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Val said...

Yeah Team Carter! You guys have got the moves..