Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pink Jobs

Not to long ago some friends and I went out on the Great Barrier Reef (thanks Breny) on a four bedroom catamaran.

Anyway one of the first lessons we where taught before getting out on the water was that there where two kinds of jobs on the boat.
Blue jobs for the boys and Pink Jobs for the girls.

Blue jobs where steering the boat, fishing, mooring the boat, sailing the boat, cooking on the bbq (not in the kitchen) etc.

Heres a Shot of Breny and I performing a Blue job.

Pink jobs on the other hand where cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes, getting drinks, etc. etc pretty much anything in the kitchen.

Well here is Tara wishing she was back on the boat taking Pink jobs a little to far in her Team Pink Track Suit. :):)

TC is the Best

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Val said...

Shane those cannons of yours are looking pretty cut in that pic..Go Pink Team. We rock.