Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Falls trip

Yesterday weds I travelled up to falls to do some training again :)
It was snowing pretty much te whole way up the hill which is crazy for oz

Here's the van parked out the front of the snowboard shop, driving was sketchy

For some reason they are letting you drive round the village which is pretty much a run, I wasn't doing that so local legend matty drove me round, this shot is right before we almost slid into another parked car

Brooke and Lachy organized me to come up and always make you feel welcome and stoked. They know how to make my presentations feel like I killed it for sure, thanks guys

Australian resorts need snow bad so even when it is dumping the snowguns are on

This will be filled with people come saturday

This morning I'm off to hotham as long as I can get up the road
Which is the scene of my dreaded crash years ago
Wish me luck

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