Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby class Sunday

Today tara roped me into six hours of learning everything about the upcoming change in our life, the baby.
It wasn't to bad other than the movie and the lady although very knowledgable was a little boring and of course I'm not that good at sitting still
Anyway here's tara being the guinea pig for the massage training.
And happy bday to all the dads in the world I can't wait to be a member of that club

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Anonymous said...

Yeah T and shane!!! Get 'er done, haha. You guys are going to rule the baby land like lil rock stars!!!! I can't wait to meet Ted and come to visit. I'm thinking February, March or April? I get to request time off at work in November for the entire year!? Riigghht, as if I know what I'm doing a year from now but that's the new job rules, :). Love you guys, xoxoxoxox shanni