Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday sips

I've always laughed at the saying "Sunday sips" thinking why would people want to waste their afternoon sitting around drinking, well yesterday the weather sucked And a few friends met at the newish mornington brewery for drinks and pizza.
It was not about drinking but having fun with some buddies I think I'm sold on "Sunday sips" good old dr pepper would even do.

This shot if for zbruns, stu modeling the Aussie gold coast t shirt

Metro,jammo and I, we took this shot for our friend lars who was stuck renovating his new house

Some random girl rocked up with these cardboard friends in the hope of winning some trip to Europe, not sure about that contest

Kate drove all the way from Mt buller to see us, well not really but she did drive home not long after visiting us, see u soon Kate, metro forgot his wallet so I had to pay how convenient :):):)

Jammo and his son jack killing it

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metro said...

very convenient...

Ralph said...

Nice pink V neck Carter...