Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summer Was Back, for a second

Yesterday finally summer returned to us.
OF course we spent the day at the beach, unfortunately the uptight city council made us shorten our ramp on our boat shed, which took most of the day to get done.
We did have a support crew though

Heres jammo and moos boy jack supervising

Moo and jack, not sure moo ever checks the blog but this is a cool shot non the less

Tara took this and wanted me to put it up for my mother in law :)

The amount of sand we had to dig sucked big time

Jammo, kev and mr matthews working on the ramp

Tara checking out seaford pier, (a beach a couple of suburbs down)

Good day to paddle that was for sure

Today it is pouring rain, and i was supposed to go skate. Oh well I guess thats life in melbourne

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