Saturday, January 22, 2011

The week in a nutshell

So this week was a busy one
It started in Bon beach with a day at beach as in my last post

Ralph and I then flew to sydney and went straight to beach burrito, to meet coco and Darren

Ralph had everything he needed

The view from the roof of where we stayed wasn't to bad

We where there for work, Jake helped start the meeting with a little greeting that was really cool

Paul something in the woods is awesome and loved his piece of utah we bought back

The two people on the left are Scott and Kate And they are from albury where I grew up so you know they rule, ben on right isn't but still rules

Brendan and Loretta got the message to come get free coronas

Best part of week was meeting up with an old friend dion Antony who I hadn't seen in over ten years we where both stoked

Troy had a big night

As did chunk so he couldn't work out how to hold his phone

Breakfast are aways good especially when Ninj whom we know through school brings his wife and daughter Thalia to come hang

And the lastly some skating with jack sparrow to end a great week

Thanks everyone for being a part of the week that was
Till next week adios amigo's

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Location:Bondi beach Bon beach and a couple of airports

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