Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good first day back in Melbourne

My first day back in Melbourne since the first week in December started with some nice hot weather
Perfect day to visit a new ramp close by

Simon used to be a dirty punk now he is a policeman that rips frontside 5050 an still has good Taste in music and is nice enough to have a new ramp at his place

Metro is all round legend and he helped his brother build the ramp
It has been a while since I got to skate with mike and it was RAd to see him ripping

After skating it was straight to beach, a couple of people around that's for sure

Tara with Kat and mel Rottura and Kats friend Ainsley ?

So good to see Ralph we even got to surf some little waves

Bay waves

Mel tara Ainsley and Libby

Sunburnt feet and bay waves

Stoked to be in Chelsea
But of course missing utah

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