Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey lets travel 25 hours to vermont then come back again four days later

So I had to travel across to Vermont for work for a couple of quick meetings.
I never got used to the time difference and the weather was hot which didnt go well after being in the snowy hills pretty much for the last three weeks.
Luckily all the people over their rule, thanks for showing us a great time

Here is a little snapshot of the 3 and a half days

Japan meets Australia meets Vermont crew, good thai food thanks Japan

Kinda weird there was this Burrito bar right by where we always eat, weird how we have never seen it before

The Three International Amigos, Craig from Japan, Olav from Austria and Darren from Wales.

Burton took us all bowling, here is Katie and I's matching shoes

Our bowling Team, Billy (not actually on our team), Roberto, Kelly and Christine, we killed it

Roberto action

Winners are grinners

Sharon is all time here is her round of jello/jelly shots kinda like her fave juice "NOT OJ" which is one part oj, five parts vodka

Burke cleaned up and would go drink at bar wait to be called bowl a strike then head straight back to the bar

Katie and Pierre

Money was exchanging hands that's for sure

Mr Fidler rules and Darren is looking kinda serious maybe wondering where the lunch is

Burton front lawn in summer, really nice actually

Mexi food is always good even at the airport

Qantas is awesome and i used points to upgrade on the way home STOKED

See you soon VT.

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