Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awesome snow at Thredbo, The MTV party their and some good international friends

Here is a little snapshot of a few days up at thredbo a little over a week ago for the MTV Burton snow jam slash party.

Xander and Chris worked their butts off to make the contest happen

MTV legend and Sollors one of the best Canadians around

I didn't take any shots riding as it was to good to stop three feet minimum and the Nug (my new board) slayed that pow i felt invincible

Party people Mat and Tiene

My fave judges arrived four hours late just in time to party and miss working at the contest :)
Mel and Tim

Wes and Claire, partying up a storm

Tim felt like something was hanging above his head

Koia was making new friends all over

Chunk, Brenna and some friend of theirs that fell over and acted like it was nothing

My fave DJS for sure

Great crew after shredding, Trines, Solway, Chunk, Sollors, ME and Charles

Coco stoked to be going back to Sydney to his fave coffee shop as Thredbo didn't quite cut it, Sollors had a hot date the next night with someone super special

Alpine way was an adventure on the way back, but my driver Chunk killed it

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