Friday, March 19, 2010

Japan Trip Photo Essay

Here is a photo up date of last weeks trip to japan.
Movie with some riding coming soon.

Our fave onsen has free massage chairs, heres joel enjoying them

Troy did go to work some days, here he is taking a travel operator out riding in his work uniform

Super Cool Restaurant/art space/ bar

While in the above we met some locals that really wanted shots with us, super drunk funny dudes they where that loved us for some reason

Billy organised me tickets and came riding pretty much every day possible, in the back ground is Joel and Troys place that I stayed at.

Of course there was a mexi lunch place in Niseko, too bad the food sucked but the hats where cool, Billy and I

Lachys girlfriend Amanda works her butt of in japan so she doesnt have to work the rest of the year

Lachy and his japanese pay

A typical lunch break for Troy

Local town Kutchan has the craziest restaurants

Here we are at one

That got us dressed up as samurai's

These old bones get sore sitting on the floor

Jess and Abby getting dressed up in kutchan

More Samurai shots

Troy got a shot recently in the local travel mag, once he showed the staff at the restaurant they pretty much assumed he was the aussie Shaun White, he loved it and signed anything that was not nailed down notice the fingers on the metal hand

Next night Bad french came out with his lovely girlfriend

Next day there was the Flake Short Film Festival, here's kate manning the door

Chook put on a really good night, not sure about those jeans though

Crowd at the Flake Festival

Bad French pretty much one everything ! his movie is awesome !

Here is his movie, I hope he doesnt mind me posting it.

Night riding in japan is amazing, not one run but the whole hill

Kates son dressed at as a tomiko ? so cool, but once he put boots on he was trapped

All good trips have to come to an end, Billy came down to airport to wave me off, even though we had no room for him :) tropper for sure

On way to airport we stopped at a market, crazy is all I can say

Thanks to Tc for being the best and sending me there and everyone that showed me round Niseko and I hope to see you all in OZ soon

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