Monday, March 8, 2010

First Japan Blog Post

So thanks to The lovely Wife TC on Saturday morning I jumped on a plane to go to snowboarding in Japan again. Stoked beyond words thanks again TC
Here is a little update on whats gone on so far

Stoked to see go to gate after flying to Brisbane super early saturday morning.

I finally landed in Sapporo and Joel And Troy where there to pick me up, which was awesome, what made it more awesome was that we found our Friend Keegan walking around airport with no motel and no where to go. Troy booked him a motel and we dropped him off of course he was stoked thinking he would have to sleep in airport while he waited for his friends to arrive the next day.

Once we left airport on way to drop Keegan at his motel we had to stop at maccas to get some food, notice in shop below Troy is in the smoking section yep one row away from us :)

Here's a little clip ot Troy shredding before he lost his goggles and was blinded from all the snow.
I will compile a better movie soon with the other clips I have, but till then enjoy the Troy

That night it was off to onsen, afterwards we chilled in the massage chairs, he is Joel relaxed.

It snowed all night and Troy had to take some travel agents on a tour of the hill, he loved to show them his fish and his mountain :)

Its snowing again tomorrow looks like it will be awesome.
Stay tuned for more updates :)

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