Monday, January 11, 2010

Utah To Oz

Here's a little recap on our last couple of days in Salt Lake City

Good friend Josh and his lovely wife Lindsay and their new home in Sugarhouse, perfect.

On my second last day in Salt Lake Brenner's oldest boy Keyan got confirmed at the church
Heres the family looking smart, thanks for having me over

It was my second last day shredding so I didnt look as smart as they did as i wore my snowboard stuff and a pair of chinos so i could get up here, to shred with buddys Dustin and Chris and some other good friends ,there is a little edit of the days riding to come dont worry

That night it was dinner and Jazz, I had to put this up cause Riley Is a ruler

That night another jazz game, here is the jazz girls for everyone

The next day it was shredding for me in the morning then off to airport for the flight home
Here is the wife and her mother at the airport. See how cool my mother in law is she even took her skate board to the airport to skate the curb out front (not really I was over weight with my bags and soccer mom being the legend she is took it home for me)

Once we got to melbourne airport I jumped on a plane straight to sydney to be greeted by this smiling face, and as usual he was up to his usual antics, here he is skating a mini board around office

And this is the close up of what happened

I'm no in manly for a few weeks working my butt off.
More updates to come.

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