Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life In Melbourne

Well since Ive been back here in melbourne it has been pretty hot that's for sure.

Heres what I was greeted with on the first day back when I went for my first swim.

Most nights Tara and I have been riding bikes when Im not working late

Australia Day is a big celebration here and last Tuesday was Aussie Day and the weather was perfect.

Here is Tara, Stuart and Katie plus their son Jack in his first ever wetsuit

In the yellow Tshirt is Ninja one hundred per cent great person, havent seen him much the last couple of years but was great to see him down the beach for Australia Day

Good crew down beach for the day thats for sure, here is Nicole, Metro, Tc and Mark planning something out

Liza Danny mark and Bomber

View from inside the boat shed

Not much else to report since I havent had a day off since tuesday, am looking into japan flights tonight though ! thanks wife for the awesome xmas present

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Jenna said...

Pictures look amazing!! I'm jealous. I want to come visit and hang out at the boat shed too!!
Miss you guys.