Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy Times but not too busy to take some runs and enjoy life !!!!

Sorry yet again for the lack of posts, things have been crazy.
Not only have I been slacking on my blogging updates friends haven't seen or heard from me and the truck is definatly getting some kms for sure.
Anyway heres a little update on whats been going on
Snow snow and more snow that's for sure

Friday was a trip to falls it had been snowing quite a bit.

It was pretty busy there :)

Clint from our work came up to falls to help with the demo day, he drove 6 hours straight from riding another resort, still in his snowboarding pants

That night we chilled with some friends from falls, good to you guys !!

The snowboard shop at Falls rules, it was good to spend a day back on the shop floor again

The hills around falls look so good for hiking, its a shame that Im a little lazy

Clint and our new friend at Falls AK, 100% solid good dude

Heres a Oakley postcard for our friend Lachy

Saturday night I punched it over the buller (four our drive nearly killed me) but once there and onto TROYS bday all was GREAT Happy Birthday again TROY

Buller has a tonne of snow, its almost crazy for this time of year

This weekend demos and contests at Buller yeah

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metro said...

i wanna see a photo of you and your mexistash...