Friday, July 17, 2009

Buller Demo Days, Kookaburras and Good Friends

Work Work Work, its been pretty busy that's for sure.
Tonight is my First night home in 9 days.
Anyway last week was Buller demo days and our annual contest on a rail there.
Saturday was a really long day, 14 hours in the snow.
Contest went well and our friend Robbie killed it, it was a little stressful being a judge that's for sure. Check the footage here

The day before the contest we all got to shred, heres TEAMRIDER Nick Gregory killing it

Boadle Still has it, doesnt ride hardly at all now but is still better than anyone, except maybe you Robbo :)

Clint Shirvington our NSW Rep for Burton still has for sure

The start of a weekend of Tense games, Jason here started out a champ

Shaka Bra sydney some to the snow, Nick, Katrina and Cuzzy Bro

Captain Morgan was the drink of choice this weekend, Solway, Ralph and Colby

Weather was a bit swampy, Tom, Decampo, Solway and Cuzzy

Motley Bunch that's for sure, Russ, Colby, Chunk, Me and Catsburg

Trigger Crew in Full Effect Johnny and Steph

Buller Crew RULE, Yeah TROY

Yep thats Right a Kookaburra eating out of our hands, he only wanted meat though :)

Sulway is getting seriously into this game for sure

The only thing missing this weekend was the WIFE

promise to keep updating site

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