Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mt Buller Weekend

So over the weekend SC/TC got to spend the weekend with Some of TEAM FOOD at Buller. Saturday was amazing weather and we got to ride a mini park slash some runs and have a great time. As we left it started to snow.
Saturday night monk.TC and Jammo cooked up a feast.

The above shot is from Saturday thats the Summit of Buller in the background.

Sunday morning we awoke to what looked like ten Cms of new snow.
We rode around searching for something fun to ride.
We ended up hitting some tree runs off the track somewhere we had never really ridden.

Here is Tc and Monk on the cat track, how good does the snow look?

Here is LARS reflecting on the run he just had.

Here is TC stoked, its hard to see but the snow is pretty darn deep here for Aust that is :)

It is a comeback year for Jammo and he shredded these trees like he was surfing Bells on a 6 foot offshore day.

The Chairlift ride back up was a little chilly and there was almost a fight at the bottom between a Skier and a snowboarder, they where both jerks.

Tc and Monk after a good day coming out of the home trail.

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