Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Travel !!!

Last week I was lucky enough to venture across the ocean to the USA for some meetings.
Although the meeting were in Vermont I managed to have a quick pitstop on the way in Utah.
Although Utahs snow season hasn't been the best it was dumping when I arrived

This was at the airport got to love people

Josh picked me up and straight to Brighton we ventured

It was pretty epic to say the least

I was stoked

Next day Ted Josh's older brother and my brother in law came and shredded excuse the skis he rules

Anyone that's been to Brighton Utah knows this shot

Ted focused and at first not stoked to be away from his skier mtns :) ten mins later he was stoked

Matt pickup came up between UNi and work what a champ

Off to Vermont then and pretty much straight to mexi food with one of our fave euros

It was Paul aka thisispaulsworld first trip to Vermont I'm stoked he was into it

The lake is pretty cool especially if you look hard and notice the couple planking

There was a party for Jakes news of being cancer free ( f yeah) and Lauren and jg bought some fun

There is a pizza place called flat bread that has epic salads and pizza two of Vermonts best rocked up to which made dinner even better

Hizza and I looking like our mom dressed us the same

There is some rad history at burton hq

Dog friendly that's for sure at te offices

Paul loved vt so much we had to pry him away

You got to love travel but coming home to these two is by far the best feeling ever
I'm a lucky boy

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