Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day three japan

Here is some iPhone shots from the last 24 hours here in japan
Firstly our hospitable hosts
Troy is one of the nicest people I know this shot makes him look angry which I have never really seen him really be

Joel wishes he was a tough guy but sorry mate it's not going to happen

Last night there was a cool fireworks show, the iPhone doesn't do it justice sorry

Fireworks are awesome

More yep I was stoked.

After dinner last day Roy took us to the barn which is a restaurant/bar owner by our friends that is really cool

Haitchi (my spelling could be way off here sorry) is the best bar person I know

Locals at the barn get a tab, they welcomed Ralph and I with open arms thanks everyone, and yep can u believe I spent more than Ralph our first night here :):):)

We hiked up the peak here again

The view from the bottom

If you look closely you can see our tracks, apparently the one and only terje just came down not long before us imagine one of there tracks is his :)

The hike out of so epic ten mins at the most on a groomed cat track

Only in japan do they have air hoses so you don't have powder stuck to your skies or boots

Good drink menu

So good in fact I had to buy one and shoot a photo for my brother in law Josh who drinks dr pepper like its water this ones for you joshy

Joel's work boots epic :)

Japan so far you have been great to us

Thank you
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Location:Niseko grand hirafu

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