Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good times with good Friends !

Well it hasnt stopped snowing in days and today a bunch of crew where up at Brighton.

Here is a little snapshot of a great day, this is also Chris's last day down in town, he will be missed.
He is editing a gopro movie right now so watch facebook for some footage

anyway to the photos
Milly chair

Brighton looking out off crest chair

Off the crest chair again, before the power went out and people got stuck on the chair

Zbruns was ripping

Looking down into the rock gardens

TJ about to drop

Wrong turn for us, here is TJ and Karen suffering :)

Zbruns and Chris looking where to go

TJ rules

Now some not so arty shots
Brock is one funny good dude

Tj is karens husband and she rips harder than most people i know

Not to many people around today :)

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