Monday, June 7, 2010

Kingpin Productions

Back in the Day Kingpin made the best snowboard movies ever.
They got me so stoked to go snowboarding and had a such a good vibe, cool skits and every up and coming rider in them.
Anyway someone reminded me today about their movies and I checked out what the director Whitey is up too now.
He is shooting photos making ads and generally being creative.
Whiteys fotos where a big part of my fave snow mag back in the day too, BLUNT mag. Take the time to check out his photo portfolio here

Anyway Here is a classic shot from one of his greatest movies The Warriors, it was an ad for Rev snowboards back in the day and a little skit of the "Dukes of Rev", Mitch Nelson, Jeremy Jones, Jp Walker and Timmy Ostler some of my fave riders ever. Search it out it is worth it for sure.

I have two copies on video if you cant find it on net :)

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