Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bon Beachs Own LAnce Armstrong

So TC's bike recently fell apart and wasn't too fun to ride ! Me being the great tradesmen/bike mechanic I am, I ordered Tara a new one. Sunday we went and picked it up.

Here's Tc and our truck. Stoked on her new bike

First Day of Training for the Tour De France we figured we would do a Tour De Chelsea. Chelsea is the local suburb next to where we live. We went and visited my the old house/stomping ground that I lived in with friends for over ten years, lots of good memories for sure.
Not much had changed other than it looked a whole lot cleaner.


metro said...

where is your helmet mrs carter?

Jenna said...

Tara- cute purse. I am jealous that it is warm in Australia. It snowed here today. I am so over the snow!!
Take care! Miss you!!

Hi Shane