Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yep We Love Mt Buller, Our Friends and Snowboarding

Last weekend We got to spend the weekend together with a tonne of our friends up at Mt Buller. It was good to be back at the Cabin (a place all our friends rent for the season to sleep at) after having a couple of weeks at Falls Creek
It was as good as snowboarding could get, and our season keeps getting better and better. For everyone that hasnt been snowboarding in Australia we never get snow like this and there is a tonne more to come this week.

Below is an assortment of Photos from the weekend in no order ! Enjoy meeting our friends if you dont already know them. And please Comment, make us feel special

Here is Tc and Monk Stretching before they go up the hill!

This is John From Trigger Frankston one good dude who loves being in the hills, and not the MTV TV show :)

Above you can see Jan, Chunk, Ralph and TC/SC eating Hot Dogs and enjoying the sun

TC, Jason (dont really know him but he seems super cool) and our old roommate Roundy who is a legend. We miss you roundman you should move closer so we see you more :)

Chunk snowboards damn well thats for sure

Adam Takach is an old friend who used to live round the corner and skate the local park a tonne with me, he now has kids, a wife that is awesome and loves snowboarding more than ever.

In Green Jan, then Linc from tassie TC and LARS 100% good people enjoying Mt Buller

If this Wombat looks angry its because LARs just hit him by accident snowboarding along yes he hit a wombat while snowboarding !!!

Left To Right Jan, Ralph Lars and Chunk, a good chair ride for sure.

Ralph Chucking a Good Method, there was plenty of these over the weekend thats for sure.

Ralph, Lars, Dr Jumps (making a comeback since all winter he has been surfing), SC, TC and Monk.

Last but not least Lars Killed this hip I think they even put up a sign saying closed after this jump as people where to afraid to hit it as noone could go as big as lars.

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paulsworld said...

Looks like fun times wish i was there to shred....next time hey?