Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend At Falls Creek

So we had to go visit Falls Creek for the opening of a new store up there as well some other work commitments.
Along with work we got to hike a couple of little jibs on saturday and then on sunday we got a slide(snowboard) a little box and ride lifts for the first time this Australian
Heres some Photos from the weekend ENJOY

Ralph was very jolly indeed, coco made the journey down from Sydney TC was team captain this day !

Our fave lodge Julians cooked us Kangaroo and sorry all you kangaroo lovers but it was amazing !!!!

Local Rob loved TC nearly as Much as he loved COCO

Sunday was the first Day Falls had lifts open and up we went, Ralph was a little tired from the night before so he stayed in Bed. He is now the team captain :)

Heres the lift we did laps of ! You didnt even have to unstrap.

Chris AKA Coco Aka Kboadle Still has it even though he lives by the beach and drinks Lattes like they are water !


paulsworld said...

Will Coco invoice himself for photo incentives?

SC/TC said...

how did you know ! he just got three shots in japan, i bet he even trys to sign his own checks :)

chris said...

i read this too you peanuts

And yes i'll be invoicing for this - i have pizza habit to support now

Tara said...

yeah kboadle . . .